Spray Foam Roofs

On older homes where tear-off is required, foam is often the least costly roof replacement system. And just as important, a foam roof will save you monthly on your heating and cooling bill with additional insulation.

Seamless and Rugged

  • Because the foam is self-adhering and sprayed in place, there are no seams, channels, complex flashings or overlapping edges for water to seep through.
  • Once sprayed in place, polyurethane foam exhibits superior compressive strength. When combined with the protective gravel layer, the system provides excellent resistance to foot traffic and hail damage.


  • Polyurethane foam is specially formulated with closed cells, which makes it one of the best insulating materials on the market today. This translates into reduced heating and cooling bills.

Improved Drainage

  • Because the polyurethane foam is sprayed in place, it can be tapered/sloped to improve water drainage on an existing roof.

Build a Better Foam Roof: Gravel as a VU Barrier

  • Because gravel is installed in the field of the roof, there will be no costly re-coats required every 5 years!