TC and I Roofing

TC and I declared bankruptcy in 2012 and is no longer in business.

Liability $1,200,000
Liability $1,200,000

SO WHY HIRE US?  We are Santa Fe’s most experienced foam roofing contractor.

Goodrich Roofing was founder in 1946.  In 1992 we were trained by North Carolina Foam Industries (NCFI) to install foam roofs.  Coupling that training with our years of experience as roofer and waterproofers, made installing the patented NCFI Gravel Roof System easy.

Our approach to roofs is similar to Mr. Wilson’s TC and I old school approach.

With years of experience installing gravel foam roofs in Santa Fe, we understand the unique way the gravel foam roofs are engineered.

Having studied these roofs over years through hot-cold, dry-wet weather, knowing where the weak spots are in the roofing system we can provide strategies to keep your roof in peak performance with minimal maintenance costs.

Our approach to a TC and I roof is as follows:

  • let’s work with what you have, it probably very repairable and maintainable.
  • give the homeowner options on how to approach their roof’s needs.
  • it’s NOT, “let’s tear it off…its just no good.”  You’ll hear this from our competitors

If you have invested in a TC and I roof lets work together to repair it, maintain it and protect it.